Why to Buy from a Local Kalamazoo Butcher

In our modern age, it’s too easy to feel disconnected from the meat we eat every day. When you buy a pack of thinly-sliced lunch meat from your local big box store , it almost feels more like buying meat just to fill out a lunch box rather than truly enjoy it. Back in days gone by, when you ate a fresh cut of meat, it truly felt like you were biting into something real.

Today, you’ll never find that same quality of cut meat that our forefathers enjoyed on a dimly-lit store shelf. Here at Pease Packing, though, we aim to keep the tradition of quality meat alive through our blend of decades-old traditions and modern practices as a USDA slaughterhouse. Today, we’ll be talking about the benefits of working with Pease Packing and why a local Kalamazoo butcher is the right choice for anyone who values quality meat.

We Do Meat Processing, Not Meat Machining

Unlike many big meat distributors, our meat processing is farm to table. That means we see and personally handle where every cut of the meat has been, every step of the way. Where some meat corporations automate the cutting of their meat products, our professionals hand-carve our meats down to the bone. That way, we maximize the amount of meat that you get back and ensure that proper care is taken to maximize the quality of every cut.

We Preserve the Best Parts of Every Animal

Where big meat corporations pick apart their meats, we carve every cut for maximum quality. Every edible part of an animal possesses strengths and weaknesses in regards to the qualities of its meat. Unlike the machines of big corporations that will just grind and mix these diverse meats into a flavor profile with little to no integrity, our butchers are trained to show respect to the animals that feed us by carving high quality cuts from every animal.

Just some such cuts we offer are:

  • Callie Bacon
  • Smoked Hocks
  • Bacon Ends
  • Delmonico
  • Cube Steak

Like our ancestors, we at Pease Packing believe it’s important to pay our respects to the animals that provide the food we need to live. When you buy from us, your local Kalamazoo butcher, you’re helping to support a business that values where every cut comes from, and where every cut goes. For more information, contact us today to get your own quality meats from craftsmen who care.

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