Value Bundles

We offer an array of value bundles for those looking for a diversity of the finest butchershop meats at affordable prices. Though no two value bundles are alike in their content, their quality always remains the same: tender, marbled, savory, and delicious.

Some of our value bundles include:

The Grill Master Box

1 Package ground beef patties
1 Package green onion brats
2 T-bone steaks
1 Package smoked pork chops
1 Package country-style ribs
1 Package chicken breasts


Hind 1/4 Box

5 T-Bone Steaks
4 Porterhouse Steaks
3 Boneless Sirloin Steaks
1 Tenderloin Steak
3 Round Steak
1 Rump Roast
Ground Beef

Grass-Fed Hind 1/4 Box

10-1 # Grass Fed Ground beef
3-Boneless Sirloin Steak
4- Porterhouse Steaks
5-T-Bone Steaks
1-Rump Roast
1-Tenderloin Steak
1- Chuck Roast
2- Stew Meat
1- Short Rib

Sunday Dinner Box

1-Arm Roast
1-Seasoned Pork Roast
1-Chuck Roast
2-Stew Meat
5-Ground Beef
1-Chicken Breasts
2-Callie Bacon

Pork Box

5-Packages Pork Chops
3-Packages Pork Steaks
2-Pork Roasts
2-Ham Steaks
1-Smoked Ham Roast
5-1 Pound Packages Breakfast Sausage
5-1 Pound Packages Bacon
1-Spare Rib

Country Breakfast Bundle

One Dozen Eggs
1-Sausage Links
1-Callie Bacon
2-Pork Sausage
2-Sweet Italian Pork Sausage
2-Ham Slices
2-Smoked Pork Chops
4-Ground Beef

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