About Us

Established in 1942, Pease Packing has had the privilege of acting as Kalamazoo’s foremost meat packing plant for the better part of a century. Since Pease’s inception, we’ve been proud to provide our community with the best meats in southwestern Michigan.  Additionally, we bring quality cuts to tables like yours only through humane and stress-free processes, ensuring the best treatment of the animals that provide us with the food we need to live.

From start to finish, we know where the meat we sell you has been. We tag our meats so they never get mixed up, and cut them to your personal specifications. When you work with us to provide your meats, you’ll never receive one-size-fits all, mixed meat products. At Pease Packing, we only do humane treatment of animals, quality cuts of meat, and personalized attention to detail.

Rain or shine, hot or cold, the team here at Pease Packing works around the clock to put quality meat on your table. 

Pease Packing