Farm to Table Meat Products

Farm to Table Meat Products

Here at Pease Packing, we pride ourselves on providing products from farm to table. From start to finish, we know where the meat’s been, and we’re here to provide our meat to you consistently and at top quality.  We prioritize humane treatment of animals, efficient cuts that don’t waste a single product, and tailoring our cuts to suit your needs. For more information on the products we offer, click the button below.

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What We Offer:

All Natural Beef
All Natural Beef

We believe you should know exactly where the beef you’re eating has been. That’s why we value a farm-to-table philosophy of beef processing, so we know exactly where the meat we sell comes from.

All Natural Chicken

Our chicken processing services, as with our beef processing, prioritizes humane handling and cuts that suit your expectations. Whether it’s meant for your table or the farmer’s market, we’ll process your chicken right.

All Natural Pork

Pork is our second most popular meat processing good, and it’s no secret why. We offer our pork in prime cuts, smoked meats, sausages, and many more delicious varieties. Click below for more information!

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As a USDA-compliant slaughterhouse, we offer top quality, all-natural meats. When you purchase all-natural meat from us at Pease Packing, you’re purchasing grain-fed beef or similarly-fed pork or chicken. Our all-natural beef is processed and immediately frozen, to preserve the flavor and nutrition of our cuts.

Local Freezer Beef

We process whole cows, half cows, and quarter cows here at Pease Packing. Our farm-to-table philosophy means we closely track your beef from the very start of its transformation and never mix or combine it with other meat products. Once the beef is fully processed, we immediately stow it in our freezer to preserve it and get it ready for your table.

Meat Processing

As a USDA processor, we take our meat processing practices extremely seriously. From start to finish, we rigorously follow all of the USDA requirements to create certified meat and meat products. Additionally, we process our meat to give it that buttery, rich tenderness that can only be found in quality cuts.

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